Citadel Forged With Fire isn’t patching next week, promises ‘a ton of details on the next big thing’

Up on melancholy hill.

If you’re a Citadel Forged With Fire early access player, you may have noticed NPCs randomly going on rampages killing their own allies. This was, er, not intended. “We’ve identified the source of this bug and have fixed it for today’s patch,” Blue Isle says on Steam. “NPCs will now only kill other NPCs where it makes sense (i.e., Orcs will hunt Direwolves, etc.)” So that’s a relief.

What else is in the latest update? Fixes for the custom game creation crash bug, resource node spawning, and construction issues. Notably, this’ll be the last patch until March.

“The team has been very hard at work preparing the next major content drop, which should be coming very soon! In order to make sure everything is working perfectly for its launch, we will be taking a week off from weekly patches. Stay tuned, though, as we’ll be sharing a ton of details next week on Citadel’s next big thing!”

Source: Steam