Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates 12 years with giveaways and bonuses

Twelve years on, and Dungeons and Dragons Online continues to tick along with its loyal fanbase and regular features. To celebrate the MMO’s anniversary, Standing Stone Games is giving away free goodies and activating special bonuses in the game.

Anyone who logs in between now and April 1st will get a free cosmetic outfit that comes in all armor varieties (see below). Additionally, the anniversary event is now active with a special quest, new loot, and bonus XP running.

The anniversary event concludes on March 11th.

Source: DDO. Thanks DDOCentral!

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J Gostin

For those considering investing time and/or money in this game, please be aware the producers of DDO, SSG just got finished deleting 100s of toons, many of them end gamers, over varying degrees of violating the TOS agreement. There was no appeals process provided to first time offenders. This is a 12 year old game built on code they are afraid to touch. This leaves bugs that allow people to advance in extra curricular ways. Nice 12th anniversary gift to folks who have played up to a decade with clean records! Game at your own risk.

Bruno Brito

Oh, nice!

Melissa McDonald

I do not play this game but i am comforted by it. Should the Lord decide to leave me wanting with a basic computer and integrated graphics, i could play DDO for free and have a game to call home. Bless them.

Jason Clearwater

The Sentient Jewel of the Kobold (voiced by a Kobold) is one of the new reward items this year.

David Goodman

I must have this.

I remember waterworks, too.


I am grinding for it right now, this will be my first sentient weapon crafted. Yay Kobolds.