Elite Dangerous and RuneScape devs are auctioning off fun perks for a good cause

Elite Dangerous and RuneScape devs are auctioning off fun perks for a good cause

Multiple gaming studios and groups in the UK have teamed up with the Special Effect charity for #GameBlast18 happening this very weekend, including Elite Dangerous’ Frontier and RuneScape’s Jagex. Special Effect’s main goal is to help people with disabilities to game on through specialized technology.

Jagex has raised over £30,000 (almost $42,000) as of press time, while both it and Frontier are auctioning off goodies for the charity. Scapers may win a tour of Jagex’s studios and an in-game title, while Jagex itself is making its devs do human tricks on Twitch and Elite Dangerous commanders are busy bidding up the chance to name an in-game ship.

“This one-of-a-kind prize will allow you to name a class of Mega Ship in Elite Dangerous,” says the company’s auction listing. “All future Mega Ships added to the game of this class will bear your name for all to see. The winning bidder will also will also get to see this new variant of Mega Ship before anyone else.” It’s currently sitting at £1,021 (almost $1500) right now with about five hours to go. Check out the whole roster of loot on Ebay for a good cause!

Source: Ebay

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I got an email about this and deleted it as it looked like a scam. What with the direct link to ebay and not coming from the usual email address for Frontier news emails among other things. Then the ebay page having runescapeteam on it with no mention of Frontier just set off some alarms for me

I wasn’t the only one who thought this either: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/408266-I-got-a-very-fishy-email?highlight=ebay

and it was only when it was confirmed in that thread it was legit that I didn’t take it as a phishing scam. While I applaud the intent and support their efforts to raise money for SpecialEffect the actual execution was a little on the sloppy side.


Definitely. I don’t know why they didn’t make a news post on their main site with an explanation and the auction link in there and then send out an email with a link to the main news page. That’s how it normally works and I wouldn’t have been skeptical of it at all.