Funcom is working on a mystery game, to be announced February 28th


Funcom is announcing something big next week. And it’s not the Secret World Legends update you’re still waiting on, nor is it another Conan franchise spinoff.

The long-running MMO studio sent ’round a promise to announce a new game on February 28th and a link to a countdown timer. Well, more than a timer; the website shows some sort of post-apocalyptic bar setting with some outlines of people. The setting prompted some of our writers to suggest a battle royale game, while the outlines hint at something more MOBAy or shootery – or maybe something more in the studio’s RPG wheelhouse.

Given Funcom’s flair for mystery, we suspect there are hidden bits tucked in there too. What do you think it is?

Source: Countdown, press release. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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