Gloria Victis finally has playable female toons


Gloria Victis’ v. update may have a mundane name, but it’s a big event for the early access sandbox MMO, as female characters are finally live.

“Tired of the sausage fest and looking at the male arse all the time? Time to change it – playable female character just hit the servers!” Black Eye Games writes. “There were massive preparations behind this change, including rework of all armors and garments in order to make them fit to female characters. However, we’re sure it was totally worth to do it so our players can finally roleplay who they want in the immersive medieval world of Gloria Victis.”

The update also rolled out changes to the game’s combat and world; polearms and longswords now perform AOE cleave attacks, shield bashing now stuns but requires arm endurance (to reduce turtling), and 80 new public quests now dot the front lines of the landscape.

Massively OP’s Matt Daniel checked out the game in-depth a few months ago.

Source: Steam, press release

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Dug From The Earth

You would think a game with the word “Gloria” in the title would have had females in it from the start.

Kickstarter Donor

But I like sausage festivals…