Guild Wars 2 previews upcoming PvP/WvW skill splits

There are no spoilers in this image.
A skill is going to have the same general effect in all arenas of Guild Wars 2, but there are a lot of things to be tweaked for the game’s PvP and WvW arenas. The development team has posted a roadmap of the upcoming skill splits and rebalancing, including several changes happening just for PvP and others for both PvP and WvW. Said roadmap also explains the goals with all of these skills, with an emphasis on greater build diversity, fewer passive effects in PvP, and less burst efficiency on instant-cast spells.

Naturally, the player community has looked over these changes, and there’s a debate currently running about whether or not several of the skill changes listed would also be hugely positive for the game’s PvE side as well. Whether or not this is accurate is something for the team to debate, but there have been responses from the devs that these buffs may also be applied to underperforming skills on the PvE side as well. So you might want to look through the full rundown even if you avoid PvP.


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Randy Savage

So they’re finally separating skills in WvW too, eh? Better late than never I suppose.


By decreasing the power of some of the more dominant builds, we hope to give increased viability to builds that previously were pushed out by these dominant specs.

This is the biggest thing I hate and will always hate about Arena Net’s balancing philosphy.

A great example was on the Necro. They nerfed Vital Persistence because 99% of necros chose it and so they saw it as “overpowered.” The reality is the other two options (Spectral Mastery and Fear of Death) are just horrendously niche to the point you’re just not going to see them getting used. But nerf away they did, because their numbers told them a lot more people used Vital Persistence.

I get it. I really do. However sometimes other specs don’t get played because they’re dog shit bad. I realize they put a lot of effort into certain skills, and they want to see them get used, but they’re not getting used because they’re bad. I mean unimaginably, unbelievably, unfathomably bad. Nerfing existing options isn’t going to fix them. It’s just going to force us deeper into meta builds that even more ignore the super bad things.

Bruno Brito

Honestly, makes me actually long for the old talent system. Or something like GW1.