Otherland marks franchise’s birthday with a patch announcement

This one hurts.

In the annals of MMOs, Otherland is a virtual baby, only a couple of (rocky) years old. Yet the overall franchise is much older than that, with the first book in Tad Williams’ acclaimed series turning 21 years old this month.

To honor this legacy, Otherland wants players to know that it’s not content with the game’s performance as it stands. Drago Entertainment announced that it has plans to completely revamp the user interface for this summer. It is also working on quality-of-life improvements and “a large content expansion.”

Otherland delivered Patch 5.6.65 this week that creates more streamlined infrastructure: “This patch does not bring any visible updates to the game and focuses on the framework behind Otherland. In the long run this will allow us to provide better and faster updates in the future.”

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This game has piqued my curiosity. Any other insight from people with experience in it?


I played a bit year ago and it was a mess. But since then Dev and publisher split their ways and now the game is in ‘Realm Reborn’ phase:) Their patching it all the time, adding and fixing stuff so I stay hopeful!

Castagere Shaikura

Man this game could be a great one. I just don’t think the people running it know what they are doing

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

Another game that I want to love because I love the franchise… but … its kind of a hot mess