Pokemon Go weather trio throwdown, Team Rocket appears in Japan


Pokemon Go players are beginning to see the introduction of Poke-lore to the MMOARG. While the last big update brought weather to the game in a unique way, people noted that it didn’t seem quite enough since the Generation 3 mascots are thematically oriented more than weather-based, but still fighting each other: Kyogre, the whale of floods, battling with Groudon, the land loving drought bringer, with air-poppa Rayquaza trying to get them to settle down.

So what is Niantic doing to reinforce this? A kind of raid-boss battle. From now till March 5th, Niantic has brought back both Groudon and Kyogre during the current Rayquaza craze. It’s the first time Niantic’s brought back retired legendaries for a non-regional event, which is highly significant as both are arguably more powerful than EX Raid exclusive Mewtwo and will remain some of the most powerful Pokemon when POGO implements all the current generations.

There’s more, though, and lapsed players should really take note!

During the week, defeating any of these three Pokemon will cast a kind of vote. If Groudon wins, Sunny weather loving Pokemon will spawn more. If Kyogre wins, Rainy weather Pokemon will spawn more. But if Rayquaza gets more than Kyogre and Groudon combined, Windy weather Pokemon will spawn more. For lapsed players, this means a higher chance to capture dragon types in addition to pyschics, like the highly sought after beldum and raltz families. While the February 24th community day will be featuring more dratini (and possibly a shiny version), other dragons aren’t so lucky.

For those in Japan experiencing Rainbow Rocket’s take over the Pokemon Center stores, there’s an additional event for you beyond last week’s Rocket wardrobe:

Supposedly, players that succeed in defeating Giovanni’s Nidoking will receive a special sticker from the staff, with raids running every 90 minutes from 4 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. on weekends. Combined with the recent release of NPC themed clothing, Niantic is making 2018 seem like the Poke-lore year.



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