Tale of Toast activates Steam early access


Looking for something to spice up your weekend? In the mood to try out a different MMO experience? The somewhat hardcore Tale of Toast is ready and waiting, now that the game just went into early access on Steam.

There are two servers (US and EU) handling the test right now, although apparently both are being slammed. So, you know, patience and all that. The game is currently level capped at 30 and has seen multiple patches over the past few weeks in preparation for this day.

During early access, the game will allow players to earn premium currency (cheekily called Crumbs) by promoting the game on social media and in videos. By the time that the game leaves the bounds of early access, the team would like to patch in player housing, localization, controller support, additional races, extended world, and guild castles.

Source: Steam
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As I watched the video I have to double check whether this is a mobile game…


Should have been called login que. Not sure if that has been fixed yet but saturday I had to wait in a hour+ 1000+ que because they capped the servers at 100 people.

En Grosse

Played around a bit, just another gankfest…

Kickstarter Donor

The open world PvP references have me kinda turned off, but looks cute enough. Guess I’ll carve out a bit of time to give it a spin over the weekend in between ME:A sessions.