MMO Week in Review: So what’s Funcom making next? (February 25, 2018)

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Funcom is up to something: This past week, the studio announced that it will announce (you gotta love announcement announcements) a new game on Wednesday. We don’t know much about what it is, save that it’s a post-apoc setting with possibly prefab characters. So MMORPG players will probably be watching curiously on Wednesday… but our bet is Funcom fans will go back to poring over Secret World’s agent system previews instead.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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Dug From The Earth

Mutant Chronicles 4 person co-op action/rpg/shooter.

Oleg Chebeneev

Most likely another Battle Royal clone. Funcom stopped trying to bring innovation to MMORPG genre after TSW flopped and is now trying to earn money milking new popular genres. When survival games became a hit they did Conan Exiles. Now battle royals are on top so here we go

Kickstarter Donor

Rubi-Ka Legends or Rubi-Ka Exiles (aka Anarchy Online 2)

Bruno Brito

God, all that AO needs is a visual rework and some ease to play ( fix clunky mechanics, commands, camera and UI ). Nothing much over that.

Mr Funktastic

It’s possible that this whole announcement is about a game that Funcom is publishing, rather than one they are developing themselves. The press release that Funcom put out last year, where they talked about creating Heroic Signatures and acquiring all of those IPs, did make it pretty clear that that’s something they were looking into. And, well… the press release also explicitly mentions that the first project developed by someone else, and published by Funcom, would be announced “next year” – so, this could be that.

Also, based on the look of the image on the count-down, I’m thinking it could be Mutant: Year Zero, rather than Mutant Chronicles.

Kickstarter Donor

One of the “other” sites is surmising it is going to be a Mutant Chronicles game, although that wouldn’t necessarily make me unhappy as that is nice Warhammer 40k’esque kind of setting to which Funcom haqs the rights to make games for I don’t think from the picture it is going to be that.

I suspect it will be some new I.P, possibly something steampunk.

Stkmks Returns

If they’ve taken devs off SWL (promises of season two was the whole reason to accept the relaunch double dip) and CE (most of the features outstanding up to launch are being cut) ill have a hard time trusting funcom ever again.

I accept that what they did with CE (go for the genre of the month) made them the most money they have made in many years, so maybe its the smart thing to do. Just the leaving a trail of unfinished games in their wake is all…

Kickstarter Donor

Not convinced that I, personally, need another post-apoc game to play.

That said, I’m curious to see what arrives; I just hope it’s not another MOBA — no disrespect to MOBA fans, I just feel the MOBA market niche is saturated, and this will make it harder for what Funcom might do to stand out.


I’ll agree with CE. It makes no sense for them to cut back on it already, but TSW/SWL ? . Unfinished? Its probably as finished as it is going to get. has had its day in the sun. We should be happy that it hasn’t been shuttered yet.

Geo Kavu

The Secret World was and is a brilliant, very underappreciated game.
I am very excited for this.
There is one and one only factor that will make me not touch this with a stick tied to a pole.
If EA is, like with TSW, financing this.
They broke TSW.
They directly cause its initial failure and bad rep through once again pushing for it to release before it was ready.
I refuse to give them a single cent or second of my time.

Dušan Frolkovič

The only thing EA was responsible for were the sales of the Retail version.
Nothing more. I know they are a popular scapegoat, but this is mostly on Funcom

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon

it’s a post-apoc setting with possibly prefab characters.

Sooo… A Road Warrior MOBA?


“100,000 players enter…(then after a month)…99997 leave.”
(Funcom then declares the MOBA genre dead/unprofitable) ;)


It’s the previously announced turn based strategy game.