Neverwinter details the hunts of the Lost City of Omu

Neverwinter details the hunts of the Lost City of Omu
Yo dawg, we heard you like hunting monsters, so we put some monsters to hunt in Neverwinter so you could hunt monsters while not hunting monsters in some other game. Yes, the hunts are returning in the Lost City of Omu, pitting players against a number of new targets for the glory of taking down vicious beasties. And, of course, the commensurate rewards for doing so. Fame is nice, but fortune pays the bills.

Of course, you can’t just walk up to a monster and smack it a couple of times to call it a proper hunt. No, you’ll want to assemble a group, place a lure, and get ready for the challenge. Hunts are present in three tiers of difficulty, but even one-star hunts will likely be too powerful for lone adventurers. So get your friends together, head out into the world, and hunt some monsters. Which really feels like a familiar premise.

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Dinosaurs and lost cities. WotC is stuck on a theme.

Thankfully, that theme is awesome.

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Be prepared to be reading a mile long patch notes as well, I just peaked at them, woof, grab a cold one for ’em. :P

Jaymes Buckman

Cracking open a cold one with the bugs!