Soulworker Online’s open beta launches today on Steam

Here it comes! Korean cel-shaded action MMO SoulWorker Online – just SoulWorker now – is launching beta in the west today after its delay from last year. It’s an open beta, mind you, so you can actually play today as soon as it unlocks.

“Korean game studio Lion Games’ extraordinary free-to-play anime action MMO SoulWorker is finally coming to North America and Europe! […] Publisher Gameforge will host an Open Beta for SoulWorker in North America and Europe that starts today at 12pm EST / 9am PST. During the Open Beta Test, four characters will be available that players can use to experience SoulWorker’s story-rich PvE single-player mode or action-packed 4-player PvE co-op mode.”

The game is still slated for a formal launch later this quarter.

Source: Steam, Press release
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Another game with region lock… pass.


Hey guys!

We had several maintenances to improve the server stability and in general the situation should be better now, but we will continue working on improving the server performance!

CM threea

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I’ve been playing the beta (when the servers stay up anyway) and the gameplay is much as I was playing on the JP version. It’s super fun.

HOWEVER….. Gameforge (ughhh) have copied over most of the Korean version and it’s setup. Not the JP version.

Crafting is a horrible grindfest (you need 3-4 times as many mats to craft stuff) and its p2w cash shop bulls**t via fatigue points. Basically you gotta pay $$$ to do more dungeons.

They should have just used the Japanese version as the model – it’s so much more reasonable.

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Ville Uusitalo

Thanks for this NEWS! I have been watching JP/KR streams so far and have wanted to test it out… played the tutorial so far and looks awesome^_^

There are server issues atm but I chose DE server instead UK server and was able to get past character creation atleast rofl

thanks again MOP!

Denice J. Cook

Okay, you can play an electric guitar in it, so I’m going in! I was thinking this looked kinda cool even before that, but this was the clincher. :)

Mike Pieniaszek

servers have been down most of the day it seems.

nice thing about this one is there treating us like actual testers. no founders pack buy in bs, and they are actually rewarding us for testing with a free outfit/boosts via steam even though there is currently no planned wipe (unless something major goes wrong)


Nice. I’ve been waiting for this one.

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I remember this game has an awesome ost… need to get…