Warframe plans Tennocon 2018 tix sale Wednesday, teases open world Venus zone

Warframe plans Tennocon 2018 tix sale Wednesday, teases open world Venus zone
Not every MMO gets its own convention, but Warframe is once again in that elite group, as Digital Extremes has announced the details for its next Tennocon event in July 7th in London, Ontario, Canada. Tickets – ranging in price from $30 to $1000 – go on sale Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST on the official site, with a portion of proceeds going to charity.

Meanwhile, if you missed the Friday dev stream, you’re in for a treat, as the studio teased its upcoming take on Venus, or rather, the open-world version of it. The key bit is that we’re talking about a terraformed Venus (“once an over, now a fridge”), so you won’t immediately die from heat and gas exposure (bonus!).

“Instead of level-gating based on night cycles like on Earth, winter storms instead will make areas of the map more difficult as they pass through the landscape,” DE explains. “The Orokin were terraforming Venus to be a liveable space before they fell, and now the Corpus are trying to pick up the pieces and continue their work. The liquid in the concept art above isn’t actually water, but is coolant that was used to, well, cool the planet’s surface. The floating island is actually a glacier that has formed around a golden orb placed by the Orokin that will then crash into the landscape and shatter.”

Source: Official site, press release. Thanks, Sophiskiai!

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The 35s video of the underground workers’ town with its coolant canals that they showed during the devstream is now up separately on the Warframe YT channel, and looks very cool (no pun intended). Some of the visuals are fuelling speculation that Venus will bring modular guns with it to accompany the modular melee weapons we got from Plains of Eidolon. Maybe they’ll release a new type of modular weapon (melee, rifles, shotguns, pistols) with each planet?