Guild Wars 2’s next living story episode, A Bug in the System, launches March 6

After just a week’s delay, ArenaNet has rolled out the teaser trailer for Guild Wars 2’s next living story episode.

Dubbed A Bug in the System, the second episode of season four launches March 6th. Anet is promising a new map with its requisite storyline and mastery, as well as a new legendary dagger, and if you’re tired of desertscapes, you’ll dig the techy Asura lab that apparently features here as our heroes embark on their heist-like hunt for Joko’s base. You gotta love the presentation on this one.

Here’s our regular reminder to log into your accounts, even if you’re on a freebie with no expansions, to “bank” the current episode before A Bug in the System is live. Though you won’t be able to play it sans expansion, you can play it for free should you upgrade at some point in the future.

The trailer is below!

Source: Twitter
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