RIFT team tackles Prime server Q&A

That is definitely a thing.
[AL:Rift]Have questions about next month’s RIFT Prime server? You and everyone else, buddy. With the rapid rollout of the progression server ruleset, Trion Worlds is scrambling to catch up in the information delivery department. The studio recently put out a more extensive Q&A video to supplement the skimpy announcement FAQ that it released.

While the team doesn’t give a fixed schedule or end date for the server, it did reveal several important points. Players can roll up to two characters, will experience a different login calendar, and will have to scramble to grab names when the server launches. Trion said that there is no chance of this server continuing indefinitely.

If you’re looking for a boiled-down transcript, MMORPG has a good rundown of the salient details.

Source: MMORPG
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