Secret World Legends has made the Agents available for missions

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a competent assistant? BECAUSE I DON'T. I HAVEN'T FOUND ONE YET.
Managing other people in Secret World Legends: A life’s goal for members of the Illuminati and probably a living hell for the Dragons. (Templars have mixed feelings.) But you’ll be taking part in exactly that with the Agent system, which is now live in the game. It’s not exactly new content, but it is a new system to play with as you explore old content.

We’ve talked about the system as it has been previewed, and yes, the short version is that you’ll send out NPCs on missions, collect the rewards from same, and be treated to accolades as you successfully do so. (We don’t need to compare it to similar systems in other games, you can handle that on your own.) No more waiting around for, it’s here now. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the game’s next frontier in actual content soon, since tomorrow we’re learning about something else entirely.

Source: Twitter
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