World of Warcraft has a new PvP talent UI and (possibly) no Zandalari paladins in Battle for Azeroth

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It’s important to note at this point that World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth has not yet revealed the classes for Zandalari or Dark Iron Dwarves, but the datamined classes suggest that Zandalari cannot be Paladins. This seems at odd with the extant Zandalari Prelates, who already appear to be Paladins, but a questline in the current test reveals why that might not be an option when the race is available to play.

That being said, who knows if that’s going to be the case when the Allied Race is playable, so lore speculation remains speculations. For all we know Zandalari can be Druids and Paladins and nothing else. (Probably not.)

Testers have also taken a look at the game’s new interface for PvP talents in the expansion, which is still early and likely to change as development continues. It’s pretty substantially different; take a look at the early previews to see what it’ll be like to pick out PvP abilities when the expansion drops.

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