Citadel Forged With Fire is getting a PvP sports mode called Broomstick League


All right, now we can see why Blue Isle delayed announcing Citadel Forged With Fire’s “next big thing” until this week: It actually is a pretty big thing. And no, it’s not a battle royale mode – it’s actually more like five-minute-match Huttball. With brooms.

“The all new game mode Broomstick League will teleport players to an arena where they will be organized into teams of up to five, as they, take part in a soccer-like match in a battle for bragging rights,” says the studio. “Players will have access to new passing and shooting mechanics to make nimble plays and score dramatic goals. Goals scored in the large main net will be worth one point and goals scored in a smaller horizontal net will be worth two points. Score the most points to win the match!”

Given the nature of the game, players will indeed be able to build their own custom arenas and alternative sports. You can even ride your brooms outside the arena. Expect it all to roll out on the early access MMO on March 7th.

Source: Press release, Steam
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Minus 500 DKP to Bree for thinking Huttball instead of Quittich…For Shame!


How am i the first to think Quittich is coming(much better then winter)

Pi Er

“Expect it all to roll out on the early access MMO on March 7th.”

Unfortunately not really a “MMO”

Jeremy Barnes

Well, now I regret purchasing this game. This reeks of chasing the e-sports bandwagon.

Nick Smith

How cool! Glad I alrady have the game. Looking forward to the update!


Well that sounds fun and all but when will we see the farming update? More importantly when will they fix the ten minute load time?