Revelation Online shows off its 20v20 Iron Precipice Blitz map

All together now.
[AL:Rev]The newest battlefield in Revelation Online is going to pit you against 20 other people! You’ll have 19 allies yourself, of course, but with your luck none of them are going to be in the same time zone as you while you try to defend a resource point against the entire enemy team. Yes, the Iron Precipice Blitz will ask players to claim resource points while fending off enemy attacks, and victorious teams can walk away with plenty of medals and Army Coins.

Five resource points are scattered throughout the map, and the longer your team controls them, the more resources you generate. The first team to reach 1,000 resources wins the map, so you’ll have to take and hold several points at once to ensure victory. Players can take part in this battlefield Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so if you’re eager to take on a large-scale conflict, today is the day.

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