Destiny 2 adds in Nightfall strike scoring and text chat for PC

After reading through the most recent Destiny 2 patch notes, you can join us in a sigh of relief at the fact that the game has enabled opt-in text chat only for PC players in social spaces and public areas. Clearly adding more to that system (which basically every single PC game with multiplayer has had over the past three decades) would lead to mass hysteria and a breakdown of everything in the MMO. But perhaps we should just be happy that text chat is there now, even if it’s in a limited format.

More relevant for players on all platforms is the addition of strike scoring for Nightfall, the marquee feature for the update. Players will score points for both kills and orb generation, with players who score above a certain threshold enabling an aura and a token bonus. (That’s “bonus to tokens,” not “a bonus that’s just a token bonus.”) Players can also enjoy new Nightfall challenge cards and variants on emblems, so check out the full patch notes before you go storming back into the game with full firepower.


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Obligatory “Destiny 2 isn’t an MMO” post :P

But, glad they’re adding text chat. Seems weird that it hasn’t been there from the start.

John Kiser

It did… You just couldn’t really filter it properly etc.


i think i have spent all of 6 sad hours in this game


Talk about a company that’s trying so hard not to do any actual work on the game.

Don’t hold out hope, everything that is going to be added to the game has already been made. Destiny 3 under a new studio will be announced before bungie adds anything passed the season pass.


Nah. Unless the studio is dissolved, Bungie will be working on the next Destiny game as per the 10 year contract they have with Activision. They will just abandon Destiny 2 once the promised DLC is released to work on the (likely already in progress) Destiny 3 to then abandon the second game like they did the first.

Kickstarter Donor

Baby steps towards being a proper AAA title, even if we’re 6 months out from launch.

Dug From The Earth

baby steps might even be an over exaggeration….


The instances are so small and you change them so quickly that the pc chat is almost useless. Still it’s nice to have I guess.

Dug From The Earth

If there is fireteam chat that may help a bit. And being able to ask for a group when playing near other players is going to be nice.