Dual Universe puts community suggestions into development


Space construction sim Dual Universe wants its players to know that it is truly listening to their feedback. The team at Novaquark started up a Trello to track fan suggestions and the possibility of each to be added to the different development phases.

While the studio stresses that this outline is not a development roadmap, it does contain several features that look like they’ll make it into the final product. These include an interplanetary map, radios, support for 4k resolutions, elevators, the ability to mute players in chat, and more. The chart also lists some rejected ideas, such as killing planets Death Star-style. Aw. Now how are we to have our fun?

The Dual Universe team also showed off some of the new 3-D art it has created, such as the alpha spacesuits. Novaquark is planning several limited-duration pre-alpha tests this month, with the longest lasting up to a full day.

Source: Kickstarter

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Melissa McDonald

Watching this title with interest. Hope it has enough QOL features and non-forced PvP.