Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan explains Brigitte’s design, while Hi-Rez implies she’s a Paladins ripoff

Someone keep me safe.

If you’re the analytical type, you probably started formulating a playstyle for Overwatch’s upcoming hero Brigitte as soon as you read about her abilities yesterday. But you needn’t just speculate, as the latest development video features Jeff Kaplan explaining exactly how you’re supposed to play her. She’s not just a support character, she’s an armored tank charging forward and keeping her allies healed and helped as long as they stand around her.

In other words, her main thing is helping the team bunch up and push together; whether you’re staying on a payload or trying to push through a choke point, Brigitte can support the group by wading into battle and providing a healing aura. Her Ultimate ability in particular serves as a way to armor up and push on through while giving her the speed and defense to be evasive and nimble. Check out the video just below if you’d like a little more insight into the game’s newest hero.

In more amusing Overwatch-related news, Hi-Rez Prez Stewart Chisam tossed a big bucket of shade on Overwatch’s new toon last night with a series of tweets suggesting that Brigitte is heavily inspired by Paladins’ character Ash. There’s even a snarky poll.

Fans will recall that back in 2016, Hi-Rez was accused of cloning Overwatch in its then-new shooter/MOBA Paladins, which Hi-Rez roundly denied by pointing out Paladins had been in production for several years before Overwatch was even announced. “It would be almost impossible for a studio of our size to ‘clone’ Overwatch in a year, but Overwatch did have some nice features that we decided to incorporate into Paladins (Kill Cam, Improved Lag comp, some verbiage like ‘eliminations’),” Todd Harris said at the time. Sooooo maybe the sour grapes are warranted.

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Who cares if games get ideas from each other?If it was such a crime then every game with elves and dwarves should pay tolkiens’ grandchildren for using them. Realy now? They own all women with a shield rights?Someone tell blizzard to hurry and patend man with a sword and dwarf with a hammer.



They’re just having a laugh right?

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Bruno Brito

Ash isn’t a utility tank. There’s nothing being ripped off here.

Grave Knight

Such a Paladins ripoff. Girl in power armor with a shield. Only Paladins could have come up with that unique design.

Sulean Barros

OW and Paladins are different, but Paladins have better skins.


I’m so glad she doesn’t have ‘boob armor’.
Bugs the shit out of me every time I see it.


It bothers me more when females get boob armor and males don’t get penis armor :(

Bruno Brito

I want penis armor.

Teh Beardling

I love the smugness in hirez’s comment.


I mean the joke is totally fair game. People have done that junk plenty of times with Paladins’ heroes when they seem similar to an Overwatch hero, now Paladins gets to finally have their turn to call the kettle black.

The funny thing of course is that people will actually defend Overwatch while still concluding that Paladins just ripped off OW.


I’ll give them this one. Honestly, for the longest time people were -and still are- incorrectly labeling Paladins as “an Overwatch clone”.

Paladins launched November 17, 2015 into it’s first closed Beta. It’s closed Beta was parallel to Blizzard’s Overwatch in around the same time frame. In order for one to be a clone of the other, it would require that it be made after the other existed. Paladins being a clone of Overwatch is a paradox that cannot be true considering their shared development cycle.

Joshua Dickerson

If anything, Ash from Paladins looks more like Zarya then this new character.