PlanetSide 2 solicits player input regarding the construction system

Build down.

Do you play PlanetSide 2? Do you have opinions about the game’s construction system? Then you’ll probably want to let your opinions be known in a new thread started by the game’s newest designer overseeing the construction project. He’s already discussing plans to change the way module exclusion zones work and to start adding more objects to the system more quickly, but he’s also looking for input from the playerbase about what the system is doing well and where it could stand to go from here.

“We spent some time standardizing the construction system so we have a flat area to ‘build’ it up,” he writes. “Now from a design perspective, the system is a bit tighter, and much easier to iterate with. This opens up the possibility of creating more objects, faster. This also helped me learn a lot of our systems and get me up to speed to further our goals for this year.”

“Going forward, we’re looking into making this system less about continent locking, and more about smaller siege type fights. On top of this, we’ve made it so modules only have an exclusion radius against other modules of the same type. Previously, there was a confusing set of rules attached to which modules could be placed next to one another and which couldn’t. Could be a great method of hiding all your modules, but could also be dangerous if someone finds them all! Also, while construction bases can be torn down without killing the modules first, we want the main source of damage to come from siege weapons. Our first siege weapons are rolling out as the ANT’s Yellowjacket and Howler Mining lasers.”

Player responses are already rolling in, with two of the main repeated points being that there’s an issue with bases becoming unattractive from a defender’s point of view (no one wants to attack your well-fortified base, so you end up sitting there doing nothing) or from an attacker’s point of view (the base is designed to be a meat grinder with unfair spawn points rather than a fun map to fight through, making combat a slog). If you’ve got some things you’d like to add to the discussion, of course, there’s still plenty of space.

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chriskovo .

Game died when they added the lattice system. Same thing happened in the first one and they just repeated it for this one. They should have stopped lowering the game gameplay and grahpics for the consoles and concentrated on making the pc game better.

Jon Wax

what would have fixed planetside 2 from my groups perspective was to ditch the fixed bases entirely and make the entire game about resources and harvesting. blast all your enemies stuff down to the last spawn point and you win the map.

too late now


what they say is true, those places just added to the biolab cancer.In general there is so much cheesing in this game meta now that makes infantry playing realy annoying.MAXes, vehicles with ai, planes with ai,snipers in a huge map.Half of the time you dont know what killed you.Still a great game though.