Sky Noon is a mash-up of Super Smash Bros. and westerns


Probably the most ingenious design decision of the original Super Smash Bros. back in the day was to ditch boring health meters in favor of simply knocking your opponent off of the screen entirely (albeit with rising chances of this happening as a fight progressed). This odd-yet-satisfying multiplayer setup is echoed in Sky Noon, which trades Nintendo characters for futuristic cowboys.

In Sky Noon, two to eight players jump into arenas and attempt to defeat each other by knocking them off of floating islands. There are several tools and weapons to keep quick-witted players on the up-and-up, including grappling hooks, lassos, shotguns, jet boots, and dynamite.

“There are no health meters in Sky Noon,” the studio said, “instead, to eliminate enemies, players use various super-power compressed air weapons to send them flying out of their boot spurs! Grappling hooks and lassos must constantly be used to prevent players from falling off into the great blue sky.”

Source: Sky Noon, Steam


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Bruno Brito

Party game.


MOBA, brawler, whatever these various types of PvP arenas call themselves, they all feel the same. At least when MMO’s were in the WoW copy/pasta phase you had full adventures to experience that were different each time. But these types of games are so shallow to begin with that all these new ones that keep popping up are boring to even read about. Whose playing all these games to keep them alive? As far as I can tell only a handful are remotely popular.

Melissa McDonald

Hopelessly torn ‘twixt love and duty,
‘Spozen I lose my fair-haired beauty?
Look at that big hand move along,
Ne’er in High Noon.
He made a vow while in State’s Prison,
Vowed it would be my life or his, and
I’m not afraid of death but ohh, what shall I do,
If you would leave me?