Trove explores its superhero expansion city and does a former City of Heroes dev proud


Mid-February, Trion Worlds announced a big expansion coming to Trove this spring, and the best part for disillusioned superhero fans is that it’s set in a comic-themed cityscape called Luminopolis. That neon city is the subject of today’s “tourism hype” post from the studio.

“The towering skyline helps this epic new cityscape stand apart from other biomes,” Trion says. “Explore this gorgeous new sub-biome to truly appreciate the sprawling, tech-inspired architecture.” The core conceit of the zone is the battle between the evil robot Amperium and the Resistors; Resistors and Trovians will be taking on Amperium world bosses as part of the new rampage alert system.

Incidentally, MOP reader Celestia pointed out a few weeks ago that this particular expansion has some City of Heroes heritage: Former City of Heroes Systems Designer Jeff Hamilton is partly responsible for the comic-themed Vanguardian class. /holdtorch


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I’ve peaked!

Chris Moss

I’ll give it a try. Trove is one of my fun games I go back to from time to time. I love the creativity of the community