World of Warcraft emulators forge forward in a post-Classic announcement era


Curious about what’s going to happen to all of those World of Warcraft legacy emulators with WoW Classic on the way? It doesn’t look like any are feeling that they should pack up and leave, especially considering how long it might take for the notoriously slow Blizzard to get its version out the door.

The Elysium Project reported that it has a population hovering between 3.5k and 5.5k players and is preparing to release Patch 1.6 and Blackwing Lair on March 10th. Light’s Hope posted a schedule of server events and plans to merge its three shards together on June 6th, with a fresh PvP realm coming online soon thereafter.

Additionally, there’s a new legacy PvP server called Kronos III that should be coming online on March 31st. The server won’t allow multiboxing and has buffed XP in groups to encourage players to team up.

Meanwhile, hiring and design discussions are still ongoing for Blizzard’s team. The studio did post a short video clip this month for Europe’s anniversary that some are taking as a sneak peek into WoW Classic itself.

Source: Elysium Project, Kronos, Light’s Hope. Cheers to everyone who suggested this topic!
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