Crowfall continues its discussion over the vassal system

Train, train away.

The team behind Crowfall continues its behind-the-scenes discussion of the upcoming vassal system in the eternal kingdoms. Vassals are a way for players to work together — and under and over — friends to gain access to more glorious kingdoms and benefit from working together.

It’s obviously not as simple as opening the door and letting everyone run into a shared space. Permissions, edit tools, relationships, and how this system will affect and be affected by other systems in the game. If nothing else, it’s a good reminder of how complex MMORPGs are to design and how they require careful consideration from all angles.

Check it out after the break!

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Wasn’t this supposed to be released like 2 years ago?

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I had a discussion at lunch today over whether or not I should get the enchilada with my soup or a hard taco. I won’t give away what I ended up choosing until a few more founder’s packs are bought.


There did seem to be a lot of “we can do this or that”, with uncertainty on many things (like token cost thingy).

And interestingly enough they don’t even have “Phase 1” built yet. Huh? So everything seems to be on paper…this is a great Pen and Paper RPG…but the MMO digital coding aspect is kinda missing here.

The white board behind them is practically blank. I get some sheet work, but when you’re meeting as a group and are throwing concepts at a wall, you literally right those concepts on the wall. More pride aspect towards their cardboard cutouts behind them glorifying the Crowfall name rather than the process behind making said game. Cynical, a bit.

I guess I’m kinda spoiled on the “open development” of Camelot Unchained when compared to other similar crowd sourced projects. Many of which claim they’re open development , but the most seen -as the above video- are just concept meeting and discussions about what could be, but not what is. Where’s the hours of world building? The [seemingly boring to average people] hours of coding UI elements? Extensive tests of physics limitations on each of hundreds of class abilities? Lighting tests?!