New followers are mined out for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

New followers are mined out for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

If you’d hoped that the idea of follower missions would go away in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, we’re sorry to inform you that does not appear to be the case. There was a mission table added to the capital cities recently, and while that alone could just be a testing remnant or something… well, now some followers have been mined out from the game’s data files. So while we don’t know the structure, you can bet that Class Hall Missions 2.0 (or Garrison Missions 3.0, however you want to number it) will be coming with the expansion.

Fun hints from the followers in question? Well, there are some notable names on there, and there are also several different troop types separated out by race. All of the followers mined out thus far are Alliance, running the gamut from Worgen Bloodfang Stalkers to Dwarven Ironforge Mountaineers. So it would appear that we’re getting a more faction-oriented structure this time, although further details have yet to be seen.

Source: Wowhead

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Nathan Aldana

tbh I like follower missions a lot. and I’m fine with it being more like the garrison with people from all over the faction.


Not a fan of follower missions. I disliked them because they were used as a way to road block the content I was interested in. The order campaign story kept being stoped by missions where I sent people off to do things instead of playing.

Yes I am aware that the mobile app exists. However I did not have a phone capable of running it, so I had to remember to login when I got home to complete mission 3/5.

I had the same issue in suromar. I was interested in the story till the third time I had to stop to farm reputation to see more.

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I really like follower missions. I do them from my phone and get free stuff. Honestly it’s one of the things I like best from Legion.

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Richard de Leon III

I still say they are better off turning the mission tables to some sort of active quest hub. Basically you choose a mission, and say you choose one or two followers to accompany you as pets/bots or the option to bring other players into a scenario or quest run and then actually do the mission rather than some sort of facebook autoplay. Since it would be more involved the rewards could be much better or a pack that consisted of items,gold, xp and so on.

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Oh dear, not this, i really don’t want this, and no .. you can’t ignore this feature, when you have to do missions to progress it is not optional, after finishing with the quests then yes, i do ignore the mission table.


It’s cool, might not be the most fashionable addition ever but it still beats pet battles and it is at the very least comforting to think there is -something- permanent added to the game in the long streak of expansions that relied on temporary systems, rentals and gimmicks as their foundation.

As a sidenote, the gold factory that missions are is most likely their go-to solutions to the wealth gap that gold tokens widened by a mile, so there’s that too…

IronSalamander8 .

I don’t mind the follower missions to be honest. I have the app on the phone so I can send them out while at work at least on my warlock and priest anyway. My main issue with the garrisons wasn’t the follower missions but the fact that they made them solo quest hubs when they missed a golden opportunity for them to give a wide array of guild activities and make them like grandiose guild halls instead.

I do like the class hall follower stuff more than the garrison follower stuff. I can’t pin down exactly why but I kind of like the minigame aspect as a side show kind of thing.