OrbusVR deploys its first ‘sprint’ on March 5 with surprise dyes

No, you cannot dye glowing.

The patch structure for OrbusVR has changed and the first “sprint” patch is releasing on March 5th. As previously discussed, it contains a new tutorial experience as well as new quests for players in the 16-20 range, thus ensuring that it has content for new players as well as veterans. And if that’s not enough for you, it also brings a complete surprise in the form of dyes.

Yes, dyes had been planned, but they were ready for release early and here they are. All dyes are available in both major and accent versions, allowing you to die the main body of the gear and the accent colors separately. More to the point, every piece of gear in the game is able to be recolored with the dyes, so you don’t have to worry about picking up new equipment just to use the colors. So you should feel a little bit more colorful when the patch arrives on March 5th.

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Melissa McDonald

Now that I have checked out Project Sansar and the graphically-amazing VR experiences people are making there, this game’s graphic fidelity really disappoints me. VR can look 1000x better than this.