Star Wars: The Old Republic overhauls the Conquest system with patch 5.8

The Conquest system is getting some pretty big changes with the next patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it all came about because of some UI polishing. Yes, the designers went in to separate solo and guild conquests, and in the process the whole system got overhauled to provide a much smoother experience for individual players as well as overall guild projects.

Conquests have had their goals rearranged, for example, and solo goals offer command XP, credits, and experience for players. There are also changes to stronghold bonuses, with each individual stronghold providing a 25% bonus for a maximum of 150% (sorry to those with strongholds full of chairs for the conquest bonus). Guild conquests, meanwhile, have been restructured to make the leaderboard less mandatory for smaller groups just pursuing smaller goals. Check out the full rundown of changes ahead of the next patch arriving.

Source: Official Site via Dulfy
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Well the changes look good, for what it is worth. In general, conquest rewards are evened out so that small to medium sized guilds are better rewarded. And they got rid of that bonus that made people fill up their strongholds with nothing but chairs. Lol.

But, it is not a revamp. Lol! A revamp would be changing the way the work fundamentally. And, that is not changing. Basically you run flashpoints, warzones, Ops, and craft to conquer a planet.

And, again, I ask you, how is this conquering a planet? Conquest is marked by military invasion and subjugation. Where is the large scale PvP? The fighting over strongholds? Where are the siege engines? There is none of that because the Hero engine can’t handle it. So, nope. These aren’t conquests. Sorry.


Agreed. Looks like the same repetitive and boring system to me. Where is the large scale PVP you say? Well it was in the game at launch, but what they quickly discovered was the half baked engine can’t handle it.

Rolan Storm

*imagines a picture Rafael painted* Yeah! Where are Star Wars siege engines?! I want to see them as much as conquer strongholds with them!


Lol. Indeed. :)