GoVenture World takes the MMO to business school


After you’ve put in a long day in your cubicle working for The Man, why not come home, kick off your shoes, and unwind by playing… an intensely detailed business simulator MMO? Hey, it takes all types, especially the types that feel like they need some virtual success to compensate for real-life stagnation.

Meet GoVenture World. This is an online business MMO in which players run their own startup companies and try to make it big in a simulated global economy. While the time frame and systems are streamlined from their real world complex counterparts, GoVenture World claims to offer an authentic business experience that includes supply, demand, stocks, legal issues, shipping, and on-the-job training. There is also a mobile app tie-in that allows the game to function as a pseudo-augmented reality title.

Also, we want to hear if anyone takes up GoVenture on this suggestion: “The experience is so real, so authentic, that you can add your in-game achievements to your real resume to help you get a job, or further your career, or launch your own startup.”

There is a lot of options and plenty to wrap your head around here, so get a high-level overview of GoVenture World in the video guide after the break.

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Sally Bowls


In ancient times, one of my MBA courses used Markstrat which is apparently still running.

So it is OK if you don’t want to do online business simulation; the people involved in deciding whether to shut your game down or lay you off probably did. :-)

Roger Edwards

For me this is the very antithesis of what I want from an MMO. A virtual job? No thank you. If I’m going to channel that sort of time and effort, I might as well do so in to a real business (which I have done in the past) and reap some tangible rewards.

As for the great quote,

virtual success to compensate for real-life stagnation

, I may well write a blog post just from this as it’s a wonderful piece of verbal touchpaper.

Rolan Storm

Exactly. Why play commerce?

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“especially the types that feel like they need some virtual success to compensate for real-life stagnation.”

Justin, this is one of the best lines I’ve ever read on the site. Well done!