Fractured is close to a funding deal, hints at upcoming spotlights


If the recent silence in Fractured’s neck of the woods has troubled you, just remember that sometimes quiet can mean good as well as bad. In this case, the team said that it has some pretty big reveals in the works, but fans will have to be patient for all of the details.

The first is word that the sandbox MMO is about to land some much-needed funding: “I’m incredibly happy to announce that, after long negotiations, we’re about to hit a major milestone in securing funding for Fractured. By ‘about to,’ I mean we’re actually only a few days away! While I can’t say more on this at the moment, we’ll officially disclose everything to you and to the press really soon — on the 13th of March, if all goes as planned.”

The team also said that it is working on a blog post that will tackle Fractured’s vision for PvP and a video to show off group PvE action in the title’s SpatialOS engine.


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To urcite

I wish the game wasn’t top-down but with full camera rotation and WASD controls, this way games feel way more immersive to me.


I think selecting a new name may be a good idea for this game. Not only is the name generic, but it always reminds me of fragmented which is a title a developer should not want to be associated with on any level.

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Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking. It made me think of Fragmented.