Blade & Soul brings single-player and group challenges to the Emperor’s Tomb


Dare you enter the forbidden Emperor’s Tomb in Blade & Soul on March 21st? You probably do dare, since you always do the opposite of our advice. At least if you’re going in there, make sure to pack a bag lunch, wear a warm scarf, and take a sword large enough to cleave the world in two.

One of the neat aspects of the Emperor’s Tomb is that this dungeon will feature a single-player area where individuals can go through a story, build up defenses, and watch the area change due to the course of your actions.

Of course, the instance has a group option as well in the form of the six-player Ransacked Treasury. This dungeon can only be accessed once the leading quests have been accomplished, but it’s worth the effort. Lots of new gear and items are available in its depths, including the Innovator costume. Let’s just say that if you like magitech looks, you’re going to want this outfit!

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I’m pretty sure there’s a difference between the actual and conventional usage of “single player” and “solo instance”. The former implies some kind of offline gameplay, which I highly doubt is this case.


“Come on out Chul! You son of a loot box! Let’s see what you drop!”


So, first one in! Heh. I knew it. So a few quick words as I am at work supposedly working, but hey check it out! I’m multitasking.

So for those of you playing and who have capped. This is, in fact, the way the story progresses. Cool, that they work it in this way so that people can enjoy the story and the “leet dungeonieers” can have their “I beat this dungeon and I’m special” goodies. Because, make no mistake that Dungeon will be top tier! HM16 recommended? To give you outsiders an idea, that is the equivalent of 16 levels above cap.

So, Uta, Pepperzine, et. al. Time to follow Chul and his twisted logic into this tomb. The admiral has left the reservation boys and girls and you know who is pulling the strings.

And we have unfinished business with our Hongmoon students. There is still one we need to wrangle away from the forces of evil.

As for the outfits? Yeah, pretty cool. As you guys know there will be an event tied to this so, it shouldn’t be a problem to get it.

Pepperzine! A special message to you. Scratch what I said about your Ax. Stay with Seraph. Given recent changes it will be the best path to go through especially now as you are getting it started. I am Raven and will have to now cross back over to your path…. Ah, the trials and tribulations of legendary gear. :) gg.

So, looking forward to all of this and my Lyn Gunner. Man, am I going to be annoying with that Lyn Gunner!


Err…so I do have to be HM16 to do this story? That’s a lot of time spent logged in rewards…which at this point, would take me 5 years to get there. :(


No. You have to be HM16 to run the dungeon. But as you know, that isn’t really part of the story. It is connected, but it doesn’t advance the story.

Basically, what they have done is created an instance for the hair on fire folks and the rest of us.

You are good.


Okays…thank you! :)