Crowfall March Q&A video feels the walls closing in all around


You have questions and Crowfall’s dev team has (some of the) answers. For example, “How are you going to keep me from getting killed the second I log into the game, which is kind of a bummer?”

This question and more were fielded by ArtCraft in the March Q&A video. Topics covered in this month’s 14-minute video include the speed of skill acquisitions, additional cooking options, the general frustrating nature of walls, and the effectiveness of bleeds.

By the way, the answer to that first question? Players now have a 20-second window in invulnerability as they log in, as long as they don’t take offensive action right away. Should be enough breathing room to get your bearings before jumping back into the fight!

Source: Crowfall

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Does the game not have safe areas that you can log out in?

There’s absolutely no way I’m playing a FFA PvP game that doesn’t have some safe spots.


This reminds me of my first time entering the Ultima Online beta and spawning into a pile of dead bodies while people encircled the spawn point to just snipe people as they spawned in. Did that a few times, logged out and never set foot into Ultima Online again. I wouldn’t touch this with a 10-ft pole.

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Not a backer so I don’t really care but I’d make that invulnerability until the player engages the keys. The loading screen while logging in is when I, and I assume a good deal many more, is prime snack grabbing time. Or make initial spawn points safe spots.