Gaijin’s space MMO Star Conflict rolls out Journey update tailored to newbies


I was shocked to realize today just how long it’s been since we covered Gaijin’s Star Conflict – that’s the rather well-loved but under-the-radar PvP space MMO by the same company that does War Thunder. So we’re glad to rectify that today as Gaijin has launched a massive update to the game called Journey that seems designed to get new players into the game without, you know, freaking them out.

“In a major redesign of the game’s progression system, players can now earn experience points and unlock new content by taking part in a story-driven campaign. The update offers beginners a gradual introduction to the game’s warring factions, different ship types, and incrementally increasing complex combat scenarios, while experienced pilots can head directly to more challenging adventures in outer space on new, powerful ships.”

The update further boasts new high-end ships and two new sectors of space where the “focus is on long-range engagements.” The game is free-to-play, so you can check it out on Steam at your leisure.

Source: Press release, Steam

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This game has basically been under Early Access, without calling itself so, ever since the Steam launch. Hopefully this update means it’s getting out of the it, as it’s more balanced and polished.

Jeffery Witman

They really needed this. The last change I was there for made PvP matches pointless unless you were maxed out, so everyone went to slow progress AI battles instead. I might have to check out the new content.


Sounds good, I haven’t played this game in over a year but I always liked the flight and combat. There never seems to be enough players on to hold my attention, hopefully this will fix that.

John Mynard

Honestly, this is what that game has been lacking.