Overwatch lists the most popular heroes in all of its various rankings

Everyone likes me, Amelie.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “trickle-down meta,” the topic of this Overwatch thread likely won’t make much sense to you. (In brief, it’s the idea that if the top end players play a lot of one character, that character starts becoming popular all the way down.) Obviously, Jeff Kaplan cannot prove or disprove that with one post… but he can (and did) share the 10 most popular heroes at each tier of play at the start of Season 9.

The list in question doesn’t really prove or disprove anything, but it’s interesting to see the characters who wind up on the list consistently (Mercy, Moira, and D. Va are always there, for example) and the ones who only show up past certain ranks (Lucio stops showing up past the lower ranks, then comes back at the top end where players can capitalize more on his toolkit). One could argue anything from “this shows which heroes are trickling down” to “this shows which heroes have the mostly broadly applicable suite of abilities” with this information, but it’s still interesting to see.

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