RuneScape goes deep sea fishing


Every MMO has fishing. Been there, angled that, am I right? But as of this week, RuneScape has taken this sport to the next level with (wait for it) DEEP SEA FISHING.

Players can cast out their lines at this offshore fishing hub and try their hand at landing prize sea beasts, such as jellyfish, sailfish, great white sharks, and sea turtles. The activity gets even more nuts with a new Fishing Frenzy mechanic, which shows up at skill level 94.

In addition to deep sea fishing, this month offers the epic finale to the pirate quest series, some new enemies in the Unspeakable Horrors, and a revamped Spring Fayre. Get the full preview of March madness after the break!

Source: RuneScape
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I remember doing this on the boat in FFXI circa 2002.