Black Desert patches in Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 minigame, anticipates Drieghan region in Korea

If you found Black Desert’s little black spirit dude disconcerting, this week’s patch is… not gonna help that. Today’s update adds Black Spirit’s Adventure 2, a second season of the minigame with a refreshed look. Kakao is also incentivizing fishing with the Ancient Relic Crystal Shard drop event, plus adding tweaks for battlefields and new login rewards. And this sounds ominous: “The dragon flying around North Kaia Mountain has suddenly disappeared without a trace.”

Meanwhile, Korean players are anticipating the launch of the Drieghan region in their version of the game as of tomorrow. The teaser site is live now, and if you can wade through the Korean with Google Translate, you’ll be able to scope out the new grind areas, level 59+ areas, a new hunting ground with a diurnal spawn cycle, new loot, changes to contribution levels for experience, mass processing crafting, a new minigame, and the city of Duvencrune. The trailer for that is down below.

Source: Patch Notes, Pearl Abyss. Thanks, Kinya!
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Inven Global has our backs generally when translating what’s coming up in KR such as patch notes from KR and otherwise. That’s why it’s a bit silly when people over-react to things that might be coming to our version because anyone “in the know” knows they were likely coming for a long time.

The bigger news today wasn’t patch related and, in fact, was GM action related with the 3rd party software banwave and Hotbar fix. In addition to banning more fish botters, GMs are looking into marketplace bots as well. The big news lately however has been the hotbar bug where you can edit a configuration file and put any ability onto the hotbar, even abilities not intended to be placed on the hotbar. This allowed players to fire off support skills that normally have activation requirements (IE: Use SPACE after an attack) by pressing the hotkey instead. This led to some ridiculous results and in one case a player was using such in a PvP tournament and was penalized for it. No action has been determined yet what will happen against those who abused that mechanic but thankfully it’s removed for now.

Toy Clown

Hey MOP staff? Can we get this guy to do a weekly column here? He’s got his finger on the game’s pulse.


Haha thanks! I’m not sure what a weekly column would discuss. MOP seems to really only do BDO stories that are reported to them via the comments or are news blasted to them. Far as I know all their writers hate the game (more or less) so whenever Bree throws one of those up I like to throw out the actual big news that’s missed in the blast.


all their writers hate the game

Oh come on, haven’t you seen any of MJ’s streams for the game? i don’t think MOP writers hate it, it just one of many games they can’t play because they are busy playing and writing about other games.

Carl Robert

I have watched MJ stream it and think she only streams it because she feels she has to and otherwise would never play it.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this though. MOP does a good job covering BDO I’m not sure what else we’d want from them that they’re not doing.