DDO cracks down on exploiters, players cry… ‘honeypot’?

Better not be a cheater in Dungeon and Dragons Online. Last week, Standing Stone Games announced that it was cracking down on players who took advantage of a specific exploit.

“We are in the process of engaging in targeted disciplinary action against characters and accounts that engaged in a recent exploit that allowed them to complete Sagas and get rewards for them repeatedly without re-running the Saga,” Community Manager Cordovan wrote. “Players who engaged in this activity will see one of several things happen to their accounts: We will be issuing temporary game bans, and in some cases will be removing the benefit they gained through this exploit. For our most repeat or malicious offenders, we will be removing the characters that took frequent advantage of this exploit, in addition to more restrictive bans.”

Some players, however, are crying foul. In a thread titled Teach SSG A Lesson, some DDO gamers allege and hypothesize that SSG intentionally inserted an “exploit detector” and then posted “explicit instructions” on how to carry out the exploit, rather than fixing it. The words “honeypot” and “entrapment” crop up multiple times.

Of course, other players are acknowledging the absurdity of those arguments, as it doesn’t appear SSG posted instructions, and it wouldn’t be “entrapment” even if it had. Just another day in MMO land.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Rick!

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