Dual Universe launches additional crowdfunding with supporter packs


Excited for the release of Dual Universe? The game is still planning for a launch this year, but like any ongoing game project, especially one that’s delayed its alpha already, it could benefit from additional funding past its successful Kickstarter. So the game is jumping onto the ongoing fundraising train with the addition of its supporter packs, along the lines of the now-ubiquitous founder’s packs but oriented more toward the ongoing crowdfunding for the title. Developers have also previously said that a second crowdfunding campaign is coming, so this is probably that.

A variety of packs are available for purchase now on the official site, with silver level and above getting automatic closed beta access while gold level and above gets automatic alpha access. It’s worth noting that players will be able to simply subscribe once the game goes live, so if you don’t feel like dropping full retail price for future closed beta access, you’ll just have to wait longer to get into the game. Check out a new selection of screenshots and an accompanying trailer just below.

Source: Novaquark press release

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It certainly looks interesting I have several Landmark friends there. The problem from my point of view is that they still have not explained how the whole idea will work. The recent update on protected areas was a step in the right direction, but as in all these kind of games the PvE-PvP balance is important.


I like it.
If You like games like Empyrion and Space Engineers and if You want to build spaceships and bases Yourself and want to show Star Citizen how spaceships are made :) then this is the MMO for You! Its a single shard open world sandbox Space MMO. You can seamlessly lift off a planet, fly out into space and to another planet and land there.


So I wonder if anything will prevent ships and buildings shaped like male anatomy from being built everywhere.


Yes, yes it does look amazing. I look forward to the launch but i will not be taking part in the early access.
With those… I am done.


Wow! That looks incredible!