EverQuest II toasts a new Brewday and moves its Fallen Gate server forward


What does the color green, beer, and garish carousels have in common? EverQuest II’s Brewday, of course!┬áIt must be from one of those Elf sub-sub-races, you know, the Sprite-rish.

Anyway, Brewfest is raging in EverQuest II from March 6th through the 19th, bringing back the previous round of refreshments and quests while adding some new crafting items and Brew Barrel Carousel set for players to use in their homes. Sadly, this looks to be more cosmetic than an actual ride, but you can always twirl your monitor around and pretend.

In other EQ2 news, the Fallen Gate progression server just unlocked the Echoes of Faydwer expansion. This gives players on that shard a lot more to work with, including the Alternate Advancement class trees, more crafting professions, and six heritage rewards that will transfer to live servers.

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