Otherland will add 15 new quest hubs and 130 quests in May


Drago Entertainment continues to pepper players with plans for Otherland. Today, it’s told Facebook followers that more than 130 new quests are inbound in May, a direct result of player feedback. “While there have always been some side quests in the game, there just weren’t enough to counter the ‘linear quest progression’ argument,” the studio says. “We will be adding 15 areas (quest hubs) with about 6 quests per hub to 8Squared, 4 hubs with 6 quests each for Wood Isle, 3 hubs with 16 quests in total for Water Isle and one hub for Bug World with 5 quests.”

If that lede sounds familiar, it might be because devs were touting adding 120 new quests a few years ago.

Since our first impressions piece of the beta back in 2015, the game has popped up and down on Steam multiple times, emerged from early access, gone free-to-play, died and was resurrected by its original dev studio (with indirect shade thrown at Gamigo), and made it onto our list of the worst-squandered IPs in online gaming. Most recently, Drago has talked up its UI redesign, zone revamps, and “large content expansion” on the way.

We took a relook at the game last summer after its overhaul:

Source: Facebook

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Who still WANTS quest hubs.

The problem with themeparks is they ALL have the SAME rides.

Gamer Alek

I will give this a try after the quest update. I tried it after their last major update and found it a bit lacking. This should help.

Bryan Correll

File under: Things I wasn’t sure were still things.


I tried playing it, I coudln’t stand it for more than 20 minutes.


Whenever i see this game it feels like it was developed in a couple of months.Its not only too empty of players but too empty of buildings and npcs also. It clearly is not for me


Huh, I thought this game was dead. Clearly not.