Closers asks fans to vote on its next playable character


Are you Team Tina or Team Harpy? By the blank stares that you are giving us, we are guessing that you’re not playing Closers are the moment. But you could be — and then you might become invested in the next playable character to be added to the game.

Right now, En Masse is running an in-game event through which players will be able to influence the choice of a new character. Through March 14th, players can craft either a Tina or Harpy token by accomplishing various in-game tasks, and then use that token to cast their vote. If this isn’t enough election thrills, players can also craft 8-bit masks to wear because this is how it’s done in video game politics.

The two characters won’t merely be cosmetic variants of each other but will feature different playstyles. Tina is a gun-toting marksman while Harpy uses kinetic playing cards. The winner will be revealed on April 3rd.

Source: Closers

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I was looking for something simple and kawaii, and Closers has had my attention for a few days. My partner has been joining me a bit, too. At least how I play, I’m not hitting fatigue that would prevent me from continuing and I have been surprised how enjoyable the gameplay has been so far. I’m just starting to hit the place where things are getting actually more difficult, which has been upping my desire to play more.

It is certainly not a long-term game (though I may be surprised) but I think my team of catgirls is enough to keep it installed.

Jack Kerras

The next playable character should be ‘get rid of the fucking energy system’.


This is actually quite the blunder, these classes have been done and playable in other regions for the longest. THREE YEARS OLD IN THE CASE OF HARPY!

You dont normally get a 2nd chance in the MMO world yet they launched the game in the US missing tons of content. Should have put their best foot forward…people not return for these “new” classes.

Indigo Salma

But …