Conan Exiles on The Purge, the combat overhaul, and the content lock countdown


The Purge is coming to Conan Exiles. And that’s not even the scariest thing in this week’s newsletter! “The Purge mechanic will spawn in creatures and NPCs to attack your base in order to destroy things, even when you’re not logged in,” Funcom says. “You’ll need to consider the placement of traps, walls, thralls and other defences to protect your stuff. The Purge mechanic will be active on all official servers. On private servers an administrator can customize and configure the Purge or turn it off completely if they so choose.”

Three more weeks until content lock, and then the game launches for real in May! The newsletter also talks bow mechanics, the latest stream, armor tiering, the combat overhaul, and yes, there’s a gif of a scorpion, so maybe don’t click it and just hit the summary. I’m not judging you.

“Ranged weapons have gotten some more love, with new aiming and accuracy mechanics. Bows will be inaccurate when moving and shooting, so we recommend planting your feet if you want to land your shots. Your Accuracy score reduces the penalty, but you might still miss if you’re firing while on the move. The bow has also gotten a light attack three-shot combination, letting you fire off three arrows in quick succession. Finally, the bow’s heavy attack zooms in again, for better accuracy. It’s still a timed attack, but we’re considering what our options are with the bow’s heavy attack down the line.”

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