Kritika Online’s latest update is all about the power of pets


You are going to give your pets away in the newest Kritika Online. Sure, you can take your pets to Tokina in any hub area to see if they’ll evolve or improve, but you can also use Pet Coins to fill out your collection… and you get Pet Coins by trading in the pets you don’t want. So feel free to picture your character happily flinging away a scared, adorable pet in the hopes of getting something more useful. You monster.

Aside from pet discarding, the update also contains new uses for Passkey Shards, an Arena rework, and new class balancing. You can also challenge Vojack for loot for a limited time, as he’ll only be around until April 18th in his own special Danger Zone. (Presumably, you’ll need to take a highway to get there.) Check out the full patch notes for all of the changes, or just start thinking of which pets you’ll donate as an “example” to the other ones.


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