Revelation Online announces PvP-centric First Contact expansion

Just as it turns a year old here in the west, Revelation Online is announcing a new expansion called First Contact. PvP players of all stripes, this one’s for you.

“The cross-server feature of the update allows players the opportunity to partake in ruthless arena battles and battlegrounds side by side with players from their server as well as a cross-server auction house that is accessible to all,”’s PR says. Cross-server modes will function for multiple modes, including small-scale arenas, 10v10 Darkwood Vale, 20v20 Iron Precipice Blitz, 30v30 Machinist’s Gauntlet, and guild tourneys.

And in addition to localizing for French and German, “ will open up a brand-new server, open to all, so players can forge new friendships, create new bonds, and perhaps even spark a few competitive rivalries!”

A date for the update isn’t given; it just says “soon.” Check out the new images and trailer down below!

Source: Press release
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Carl Robert

Kind of forgot this game still exists!


i’m more surprised the devs and publishers didn’t forget about it.


*Pigtails look up to the PvP centric header*

…it’s not giving me anything to remember by currently, beyond to stay the hell away from it. :(