The Daily Grind: Do you enjoy MMO datamining?


The latest expansion for World of Warcraft hasn’t had a whole lot of official announcements made recently, but there’s still a steady flow of news about it. Why? Because the datamining teams are going to work picking apart files and trying to figure out what new stuff is in there. Of course, datamining isn’t the same as finding it live in the game, and that can give lots of ideas about what’s coming next that may not line up with reality.

Similarly, I know there are parts of the Guild Wars 2 community less than happy with the datamining side of things that basically revealed details of its second expansion early. It’s a reveal, sure, but it’s a reveal without any of the sparkle or style that you’d expect from a big reveal.

Of course, these are the negative sides; the plus side to datamining is that it gives a peek at the game from the inside out, and it can also be seen as a source of excitement between big announcements. So what do you think, readers? Do you enjoy MMO datamining? Do you tend to seek it out (or datamine things yourself), or do you prefer being surprised?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
We’ve corrected a line that suggested Path of Fire’s masteries were datamined; in fact, they were leaked, presumably by some form of tester. We apologize to dataminers for inadvertently sullying them with this particular leak!
Additionally, we’d like to be extremely clear here that this piece was and is not about any specific dataminer, and we were not meaning it as an attack on dataminers in particular.
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Riccardo Tavano

Personally i like the “ethical” datamining of that_shaman in GW2.

He never spoil story or stuff like that, beside some minor items that can hint to character etc,and it’s a pretty useful “tool” to see upcoming gemstore items, new skins and items aviable in the new patch and other stuff.
Also sometimes he can get his hands on other interesting features or scrapped stuff. For example he recently datamined a rework of chairs in the game, which will probably lead soon to the ability for our characters to actually sit around xD

Kickstarter Donor

I ignore datamining, and datamining articles almost always. It’s a form of spoiler to me, and I personally hate spoilers.

I’ll play the “new, cool stuff” when it actually releases.

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Jack Pipsam

I’m fine with it for retroactive stuff, like say if a game came out years ago and people are digging through code to find hidden secrets, that’s all neat stuff.
But I don’t care much for it about upcoming stuff.

Bryan Turner

Dare I suggest that if GW2 had a PTR then they A)Would be able to release content that was up to community standards based off of Beta Tester input, especially Balance Patches. 2) We wouldn’t have to Datamine everything if GW2 wasn’t so secretive about what they were developing, look at WoW for example. That said even with these flaws I keep going back to GW2, closest game to rip me away was ESO but it pissed my wife off for some reason so put roughly the same amount of time into GW2 and don’t get anywhere near the agitation from the Mrs (in her mind ESO seemed to be more intrusive (maybe all the dialogue got on her nerves, maybe it was the fact that I said Zenimax’s writing was far better at story telling than over half the crap we’d watch on TV so I acted distracted when not logged in).


Not fussed myself, I don’t seek it out and tend to ignore it when I do see it, but it makes little difference to me. I would prefer not to see it at all and wait for official announcements.

What always has me curious is why we have access to code that’s not been released? That seems like sloppy development to me.

Oleg Chebeneev

Im interested only if im highly anticipating the game that was mined. Its just some leaks to feed my curiousity.

Teh Beardling

I absolutely HATE data mining. I feel like its cheating. There’s no sense of surprise or adaptation to mechanics as they happen because you already know all the mechanics of a fight. I wish we didn’t have guides on fights or guides on talent/skill choices either though. think for your damn self and experiment/pick what you like. Not just whats FoM best in meta BS. I also hate net-decking in games too though so take what you will from my statement. (I feel deck building is part of the skill of the game, if you net deck you are effectively cheating by by-passing a large part of the game)

/end rant

Bryan Turner

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