Zapoco exists for your browser-based zombie survival MMO needs

All right, sure.

Do you dearly need a zombie survival game to play that’s also text-only, browser-based, and not something you’ve already heard of? You have a rather odd set of criteria, but apparently Zapoco is here to fulfill that need. And it’s officially in a release state, which means it has one up on certain other zombie titles that have spent ages shambling along in a test state. Not that we’re naming names, mostly because there is a long list of names.

The game is free-to-play, although players can donate money for various in-game perks, which has at least one commenter on the Reddit thread about the game claiming that the title is pay-to-win in the extreme. It also makes the claim that the game is a rather direct copy of another text-based zombie survival MMO, Torn City, which brings up all sorts of speculation about this genre being crowded enough for impersonators. If a zombie text-based survival MMO is your jam, though, you can check it out and decide for yourself.



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Just going to throw out that Torn City isn’t a Zombie Survival MMO, it’s more like GTA (urban/crime focused, no zombies).

I’ve actually been playing the game for a few weeks now, it’s very basic but I’ve had fun, the training stats and resource bars are identical though to Torn.

Dug From The Earth

The reddit thread states that its not just a copy of Torn City… it actually STOLE code from that game

That added to pay 2 win…. why is this even being promoted here on MoP?