PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds lays out ambitious 2018 roadmap


The name that put Battle Royale on the map is going to fight hard to keep that throne. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released its 2018 roadmap this week with a promise that major releases would be rolled out every two months from here on out.

This year, PUBG players will see an experimental test server, a new 4x4km island map, the emote system, new game modes, new vehicles, an achievement system, an in-game friends list, squad voice chat, improved animation, a parachute overhaul, more client stability, better sound design, a custom game system, developer API, and limb and bullet penetration.

The team said that it is working hard to establish PUBG’s e-sports scene: “Seriously, we are not there yet, but we will be. Thanks to the amazing feedback coming from the player community and professional scene we believe we’re moving in the right direction. We truly want to build a great foundation for Battle Royale e-sports, and while we have seen some great events already using our game, we have much work to do, especially with the observing side of things.”

Source: PUBG