Trove’s Heroes expansion overhauls welcome panel, daily bonuses, particle effects, and the Dracolyte class

We’ve talked about the new neon cityscape biome and superhero-themed new class Trove is getting when its Heroes expansion launches later this spring. What about the rest of the game? Trion Worlds has a dev blog out this week addressing just that.

For starters, the welcome panel that smacks you in the face when you log in is getting an overhaul to be smaller and cleaner, and the daily bonuses that appear there are being tweaked so that the best ones are on the weekends.

Particle effects fiends are going to be disappointed, however, as Trion is reducing the overwhelming number of lag-inducing VFX in situations where it doesn’t really matter whether you can see your buddy’s ice cream cones falling out of the sky. That’s not a euphemism. That’s a thing that actually happens in Trove.

Finally, the Dracolyte is gonna suck a whole lot less, with better damage, better pet recharge, better wards, better dragon form… good stuff that may just make this class compete for your playtime again.


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I’m not surprised they’re buffing the Dracolyte – it’s needed it pretty much since launch. I think I played it to level 10 and just decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

Chris Moss

This may not be my main MMO, but it sure is a damn fun one to play

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How does that meme go? Always be yourself. Unless you can be a dragon, then always be a dragon.

I’m sure Justin in particular is eager to be a dragon ?